Saturday, November 19, 2016

Family pajamas on sale at Target

I am a sucker for family pajamas and every year I search high and low to find s nice set to suit my family. We do wear them all year so it's not like we just buy them for Christmas :). I have been fortunate to find some great pieces every year but I usually have to scrounge around the internet to find something.

Well, stress no more because Target now offers family pajama for every member in your family and they are so affordable. Even better, they are currently on sale for buy one get one half off. Who doesn't love a good sale. I am not getting paid to share this awesome information with you guys, I just love a good sale, matching pajama and Target :).

I love that they have a great selection (more than 16 to chose from), the only annoying thing is that the sizes start at 2T so it's hard to get everyone a matching set if you have a baby. Here are some of the styles that they have available

So if you are in the market for matching family pajamas that are affordable, check out Target.

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