Friday, September 30, 2016

Tips on traveling with young kids

Before having kids, we loved to travel. We took every opportunity possible to go see the world. We always had a budget and a plan of action but everything was pretty flexible. Since our days traveling on our own, we've added 4 little ones 6 and under to our brood. We have decided that traveling is still important to us so now we have to be really organized to make it happen and keep it affordable.

Traveling to Berlin, Germany before we had kids

Here are my top 10 tips for making traveling with kids affordable and fun.

1) Embrace the fact that traveling with kids will be completely different and bring about a huge amount of challenges so don't let the meltdowns slow you down. Also pick destinations that are easier with kids

All inclusive vacation in Cancun, Mexico with 1 kid

2) Plan everything down to the details but also be flexible because things don't always come together as planned with kids in tow

Pregnant with baby #2 at a wedding in California
3) Start making plans ahead of time and shop around for tickets and hotels so that you can get the best deal and not feel rushed

Paris, France with 2 kids
4) Pay a little more for convenience like direct flights, comfortable cars, closer location to your attractions, etc

All inclusive vacation in Cancun, Mexico with 3 kids
5) Bring the things that make your life easier with you or make arrangements to get them at your location, kids love familiarity and respond well to that in a complete foreign environment

Toronto, Canada with 4 kids

6) Think about sleeping arrangements and make sure that whatever plan you make is easy for you and your kids

Traveling with a baby that is too little to co-sleep
7) Plan to have activities that are fun and interesting for the kids so that while you are on travel, you are doing things that they want to do too

Hanging out at Brittania Beach in Ottawa, Canada
Chuck E Cheese is always a sure bet no matter where you are
8) Do plan to visit the important monuments, I am sure your kids will love to look back on these awesome memories someday

Letting the kids run around near city hall in Toronto, Canada

9) If you are on a road trip, plan to make multiple stops to feed, go to the potty and entertain the kids. Your trip will be longer for sure but things will definitely be easier

Pit stop for some fun and of course letting the kids do something they might like
10) Most importantly, have fun and enjoy the ride, they are not going to be little forever.

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