Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Do you Ebates

I have a little Ebates Icon on my side bar and will get paid a referral fee if you sign up for Ebates through my blog. All opinions are my own from using Ebates over the last year and a half.

I do a lot of online shopping, heck I almost exclusively shop online now that I have 4 kids to care for. Going to the mall with everyone is not really an option anymore. As an online shopper I am here to tell you that you need to sign up for Ebates before you do your next online transaction so that you can earn cashback for all the transactions you make online. I have made over $500 cashback by using Ebates before any online purchase. It is simple and won't cost you a thing.

I am sure you are thinking that this is not possible but let me tell you it is. A lot of companies pay Ebates a referral fee so that they can drive traffic to their sites and Ebates just share that fee with you. When you sign up, they will give you a $10 giftcard of your choice. After that, before you start shopping online, you go to ebates first and click the link for the site and voila. Ebates will give you a percentage of that money back. It's that simple.

Ebates also has a list of valid coupon codes for the sites that they refer and they don't need a credit card or anything like that to sign up. All you provide is a mailing adress where they can send your check. It's a no brainer, if you shop online then go sign up for Ebates and start collecting some cash back.

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